Cynthia Turcotte - aka BitcoinMafiaDon’t let the name fool you. Bitcoin Mafia isn’t a group, a mob, a crime ring, or even solely focused on Bitcoin! Bitcoin Mafia is just me and this website – a website devoted to supporting and promoting Bitcoin as well as existing and emerging Altcoins.

In addition to being the go-to source for Bitcoin and Altcoin faucets and other legit ways for beginners to earn those first precious bits and bobs of crypto, I also want to help altcoin developers spread the word about their coins – because there are some truly great ones out there.

A bit about the woman (yes, I am a chickie) behind the keyboard:

  • My name is Cynthia
  • I live in Deland, Florida
  • I am a wife and mother
  • Yes that is me in the photo
  • No, I don’t remember what that striped thing is (some kind of spinny air catcher thingie maybe?)
  • My ‘day job’ is as a web developer / designer / SEO tech / writer
  • I am a hopeless geek and proud of it
  • My non-alcoholic drink of choice is Monster
  • My alcoholic drink of choice is fermented cider (Woodpecker is my fave but Angry Orchard is good too)
  • I met my husband at a D&D game we were both in (true story!)
  • On June 2, 2014 I officially became the answer to life, the universe, and everything
  • Dragon Con is my Mecca
  • I still game (the old school paper and dice kind) just about every night of the week
  • During football season I bleed burgundy and gold (GO REDSKINS!!!!)

If you have any questions at all about Bitcoin Mafia, or just want to say hello, feel free to drop me a line!