Monthly Bitcoin GiveawayGood morning friends and fellow cryptonuts! My DASH giveaway went so swimmingly that I decided to do another one. It isn’t going to be an altcoin giveaway, though. This time it’s going to be the mother of all cryptocurrency – BITCOIN!

The key to this giveaway is the cloud mining website Metizer. I wanted to wait to do this particular giveaway until I could verify firsthand that they pay out like they promise. In the month that I’ve been using them, I’ve requested and received three payouts – 2 in DOGE and 1 in Bitcoin.

Starting in April, at the end of each month I’ll pick one winner at random and that person will receive 0.05 BTC. That’s just shy of USD $55 as of this writing.

How to Enter the Monthly Bitcoin Giveaway

Entering the monthly Bitcoin giveaway is simple:

  1. Enter your Twitter profile URL (I’ll be notifying winners via Twitter)
  2. Go to PrimeDice and sign up
  3. Click the FAUCET link in the upper right hand corner of their site to claim your free BTC
  4. Play a round of dice or two
  5. Come back here and enter the username you signed up with
  6. Enter your Bitcoin address

That’s it! Sign up once and be entered in every month’s Bitcoin giveaway for as long as it continues.

For the time being I have suspended the bitcoin giveaway. Out of 120+ signups for this giveaway, only 61 even clicked on the link and of those 61, only 15 signed up and nobody used the faucet BTC to play dice.

Please note that you MUST sign up at PrimeDice using this link.

Good luck 🙂