Bitcoin Mafia's DASH GiveawayHello everyone! Damn it feels good to be back among all of my fellow crypto-nuts! To celebrate my return (and the return of I decided to start the giveaways off with a bang. DASH is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies going right now, skyrocketing in value by over 40% on Friday and continuing to climb by another 11% just since this morning!

So am I rushing to hoard all the DASH I can get my hands on? Hell no. I spent the last dregs of my own Bitcoin to buy some DASH so that I can give it away to YOU – my comrades-in-arms in this crazy crypto ‘verse!

Everyone will get a small amount of DASH but one of you is going to get a nice little bonus – 0.25 DASH.

How to Enter the DASH Giveaway

Entering the DASH giveaway is simple:

  1. Enter your Twitter profile URL
  2. Enter your DASH address
  3. Follow us on Twitter

That’s it! The giveaway ends on Friday March 24, 2017 at 11:59 pm ETD (my time). I will send payouts on Saturday and Sunday.

Everyone will receive 0.001 DASH and one person will be chosen at random to receive a bonus of 0.25 DASH. Only one entry per person, please!

The limit for this giveaway has been reached. Stay tuned for the next altcoin giveaway!

Total entries: 555