How to Earn Free Ganja Coin [420G]

GanjaCoin [420G]The Ganja Coin [420D] ICO is over and all POW coins have been mined. What’s a ganja-loving cryptonaut to do to get their hands on that sweet, ganja-backed cryptocurrency?

Never fear, ladies and gents – I’ve got the goods. One of the developers of Ganja Coin, ganjaman, told me about a Twitter campaign they are running now that pays participants in 420G.

Each day the Ganja Coin developers post a new message to be tweeted on their website. You can tweet the message once every 5 hours. For each tweet, you will be paid 0.002 420G. Payouts are immediate and there appears to be no minimum for withdrawal. Tweets other than the message of the day are not counted for purposes of payment.

How to Signup for the Ganja Coin Twitter Campaign

Joining the Twitter campaign takes just a few simple steps (refer to the screenshots below for visual explanation):

  1. Head on over to GanjaCoinPro and sign up for an account
  2. Login once you have created your account
  3. Generate your campaign 420G address
  4. Click on the Campaigns link in the sidebar menu
  5. Click on the Sign in With Twitter button
  6. Allow Twitter to authorize the campaign app
  7. Click on the red ‘Tweet for 0.002 420G’ button to send your tweet
  8. Come back and tweet again every five hours for more 420G!

That’s all there is to it! So hurry up and join Ganja Coin’s Twitter campaign and get yourself some free 420G cryptocurrency while you still can!

PS – If you found this helpful and feel like showing a little herbal love, my Ganja Coin address is QMWipLxWweGtZWkYzjNCDZQ5YcuycLdMoc