Bitcoin Maker Review : Scam Graveyard : DigitalRainmakersI’ve been seeing ads for this website on several of the bitcoin PTC (pay to click) websites I frequently use. It appears to be a browser-based mining scam. In a nutshell, Bitcoin Maker claims that users can generate significant amounts of free bitcoin faster than any other mining method – right in the browser window. They didn’t require a deposit (always a plus in my book) so I plugged in my BTC address, selected a very modest 0.3 BTC as the amount of bitcoin I wanted to make, and clicked the START button.

That was at 4:03 am my time.

What looked like a terminal window opened up in my browser and started to scroll lines of code and notifications. To look at it, they were connecting to and exploiting mining pools, spoofing packets through IPV6 tunnels, and injecting transfer requests into the blockchain. All very technical and complicated sounding, so it must be true, right?

Bitcoin Maker Review : Scam Graveyard : Mining : DigitalRainmakersWhy Bitcoin Maker is a SCAM

Since I figured that browser-based mining was going to take awhile, I opened up a new tab so I could get a jump on some clients’ SEO work for today while I waited. Imagine my surprise when I get an alert at 4:15 am that the mining was complete and my bitcoin had been sent.

Oh happy day! Who doesn’t love free bitcoin? 0.3 BTC earned in less than 15 minutes? I may never have to work again! But then I read the small print on the alert popup:

The Bitcoin network requires a small fee to be paid for each transaction that goes to the miners, else a transaction might never be confirmed.

To ensure your transaction confirms consistently and reliably, pay the miners fee 0.00945 BTC for this transaction at [insert their Bitcoin address]

Bitcoin Maker Review : Scam Graveyard : Fee Request : DigitalRainmakersWhat the fresh hell? First off, .00945 BTC is an OUTRAGEOUS fee no matter how you slice it. Second, why not just take the transaction fee out of the bitcoin amount generated?

I would have emailed them except that there is no contact information on the website. A quick WHOIS search on the domain name shows that they are hiding their information with a service called WhoisGuard, so no love their either. Even their TRUSTe emblem is bogus. They just grabbed the logo and slapped it on the page. They aren’t verified by TRUSTe or anyone else.

Bitcoin Maker Scam Review : Final Thoughts

bitcoin-maker-blockchainLooking back over my experience with Bitcoin Maker, there are several red flags that should SCREAM ‘SCAM’ to anyone with a lick of sense:

  • They promise impossible high earnings in an impossibly short timeframe
  • Fake trust signals on the website
  • No contact information or social media links on the website
  • They ask for payment before they can send you the “free bitcoin”
  • They recycle the same series of “real” comments in the User Chat
  • Transaction never shows up in the blockchain even as unconfirmed

About the best thing I can say about the Bitcoin Maker scam is that at least I didn’t have to deposit anything so I didn’t lose any money.

Remember – if it seems too good to be true it probably. Especially when cryptocurrency is involved.