I’d been seeing ads for BTCTrust pop up on a lot of PTC (pay to click) and bitcoin faucet websites. Even their smallest investment plan promises a whopping 600% return – in ONE DAY. Too good to be true? I decided to find out for myself. So last night, in the wee hours of the morning when even the ridiculous makes sense, I signed up and made the minimum deposit (USD $30 worth of Bitcoin).

BTCTrust.biz HYIP Review - Proof of DepositThe image you see to the left is a screenshot of my transactions. If you enlarge it by clicking on it, you’ll see two transactions. The first is for my deposit and the second is for the investment plan I purchased with that deposit.

It took a little longer than I expected for the deposit to credit, but that was 100% my fault. I forgot to set a transaction fee in my wallet when I sent BTC to my account, so the confirmation process took awhile. Even with that problem, my deposit was applied to my account within about 30 minutes.

I have to admit their initial support response time was fantastic – when I was making sure that they got my bitcoin, that is. When my deposit didn’t show up, I emailed support – just a basic email form, mind you – and figured that I would probably hear from them the next day. To my surprise, I got a response less than fifteen minutes after I sent them email letting me know that my deposit had been received and applied to my account.

What BTCTrust Claims:

BTCTrust offers the following investment plans:

Plan #1 – 600% ROI After 1 Day
Minimum investment: USD$30.00
Maximum investment: USD$3,000.00
Profit: 600%

Plan #2 – 4,000% ROI After 2 Days
Minimum investment: USD$300.00
Maximum investment: USD$30,000.00
Profit: 4,00%

Plan #3 – 30,000% ROI After 3 Days
Minimum investment: USD$3,000.00
Maximum investment: USD$300,000.00
Profit: 30,000%

Payments Accepted: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, OKPay

To Sign Up: Do not recommend investing

So what now?

Well, now I wait. My 24 hour investment period will come to an end at 1:30 AM ETD. Will I really see a profit? Will I be able to withdraw my profit? Tune in to find out!

BTCTrust.biz HYIP Review - First EarningsUpdate #1 – 6/30/16

Well, the 24-hour mark has come and gone and if you click on the screenshot on the right to enlarge it, you will see that my account clearly shows an earned profit of $180 – 600% of my initial deposit.

Don’t get excited just yet, though. I made a withdrawal request of $160, which would leave $50 in my account for further reinvesting. Will I receive my withdrawal or did I just waste $30 worth of Bitcoin? Check back here to find out!

Update #2 – 6/30/16

It’s not looking good, folks. I emailed support asking about the status of my withdrawal. Seven hours later, I got the following reply:

Dear Cynthia,

We have checked your account, you need to deposit $150 to activate your withdraw system once then your withdrawals will be processed instantly.

We use instant withdraw system this way to keep our pool active. You will get your withdrawals once you activate your withdraw system. Your new deposit will go into the plan, you can get profits from it, and you don’t need to activate it again.

Please be kindly noticed. Thanks.

Best regards,
BtcTrust Team

What the hell??? Of course, nowhere on their website does it mention this little caveat. Instead, their website promises “instant withdrawals” – not “instant withdrawals once you send us more money”. I pointed this fact out to them, but of course I haven’t heard back since.

I am nothing if not an optimist, so I’ll give it another week or so. If it isn’t resolved by then, I think we can safely say that BTCTrust (HA!) is a bust and consign it to the nether regions of the Scam Graveyard.

Update #3 – 7/8/16

Still no love from the folks at BTC Trust. They keep telling me that I need to deposit $150 to “activate” instant withdrawals. Of course their website STILL doesn’t make any mention of this little fact. So it looks like I won’t be getting my withdrawal OR my initial investment back. I think we can safely say that BTC Trust is a scam.